EBTA cc is a behaviour change consulting company, using experience
based training  to  change  any industry specific critical behaviour to the 
benefit of the individual and the team and the company.
Design, Construction and Training
EBTA-Exponent does innovative designs and each rope course will be tailor made to the client’s needs and blend in with the environment.
EBTA-Exponent Challenge Course Operations is a company with a contractor status, specialized in:
The construction of ropes courses suitable for educational-, the thera-peutic- and corporate training.
The training of ropes course facilitators 
Professional facilitation of experiential learning programs with ropes courses for the profit and non-profit market.
Latest news and  developments 
Luk Peeters, executive director of Exponent Challenge Services, declares the long standing relationship between Exponent and EBTA-Exponent Challenge Course
Operations SA as being a very successful relationship in enhancing the quality and standards of ropes course construction in SA.
EBTA-Exponent builds ropes courses as a learning medium that works in an active, stimulating and challenging way towards a wide variety of educational,
therapeutic and training goals, such as:
-   Personal and social development
-   Strengthening self-esteem
-   Group dynamics
-   Team development
-   Leadership development
-   Coaching training
The different elements of our ropes courses are constructed of durable material and meet the safety standards of the Association of Challenge Course Technology
(ACCT, USA) and SABS standards in SA.
What is a ropes course?
Ropes courses consist of a combination of low- and high ropes elements. The construction is made of wooden poles, steel cables, wooden boards and ropes.
Low ropes elements are activities which are done just above ground level in groups for interpersonal relationship development or as individually for personal
The high ropes elements are constructed to have the activities at a height of 7-10 meters. During these activities the safety of the participants are secured by state of
the art safety equipment and safety procedures. The more individual character of the high ropes elements is intensified and enriched by the relationship that arises
between the climber and his/her belayer(s). In the case of a body-body exercise there will also be the dynamics between the different participants, besides that of the
climber-belayer relationships.
What EBTA- Exponent offers 
-  EBTA-Exponent offers more than 20 ropes course elements which allow you to select a series of elements suitable for your organisation’s needs.
-  EBTA-Exponent can train your ropes course facilitators on a technical and educational level to facilitate these activities in a safe and outcomes driven manner.
-  EBTA-Exponent can provide advice regarding the establishment, the expansion and the integration of a ropes course program in your organisation. This may
include staff training, curriculum development, safety considerations, etc.
-  EBTA-Exponent can inspect your courses and evaluate your programs on all aspects of construction, safety gear, operating procedures, staff training procedures,
program design, program integration, etc. Inspections of ropes courses all over SA can be done by a representative from Exponent – Belgium.
- EBTA-Exponent can provide facilitators who have years of experience in the use of ropes courses and the outdoors in general as an experiential learning tool
with people from many cultural backgrounds. All the trainers that we provide have a current 'EBTA-Exponent trainer' certificate. This certification is only given to those
trainers who meet our company’s technical and educational standards to run adventure based experiential learning programs on ropes courses. Being a South
African company, most of our trainers are at least bilingual and some of them can speak one or more of the 12 official languishes.
Training services to guarantee safe operations
EBTA-Exponent can provide facilitator training on request. Training is done by a RCD-UK qualified trainer who holds a Ropes Course Director Qualification. Our
training program is based on modules which are in line with the content of modules offered by Exponent Europe.
The Level I Ropes Course Instructor Award is 5-day basic technical training that focuses on technical, safety and management aspects of ropes course programs. 
Every trainee receives a ropes course specific operation manual
The Level II course is a 3 day High Ropes Course Director Award certificate, with a prerequisite of 2 months practical logged experience working as a facilitator on a
high ropes course.
Our experience
Exponent Europe was started by Stef Geens in 1993 and has since then con-structed a large number of fixed and mobile ropes courses, in Belgium, Germany,
France and the Netherlands,
During an extensive visit to South Africa, Luk Peeters, the executive director of Exponent Challenge Services, joined forces with Lood Spies of EBTA-Exponent. This
long standing relationship between Exponent and EBTA-Exponent Challenge Course Operations SA is a very successful relationship in the enhancement of the
quality of ropes course construction in SA.
Today Exponent Europe is the biggest European Ropes Courses construction company.
EBTA-Exponent is a member of the Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). This organisation unites most professional ropes course builders in the
USA and other countries and sets the standards in terms of ropes course construction and ropes course facilitator training.
In South Africa EBTA-Exponent is assisted, on an advisory and technical level, by Luk Peeters from Exponent Challenge Services Belgium.
Technically EBTA Exponent's building style in SA has also become a mixture of 'Project Adventure'-RCD in the UK 'ACCT' components enriched with a
number of ideas and materials developed within the team of Exponent Europe that was shared with EBTA-Exponent SA .
The EBTA-Exponent ropes course construction standards live up to the Exponent Europe and  ACCT-construction standards.
EBTA-Exponent is also a member of the Adventure Recreation Association of SA 
Trainers of EBTA-Exponent have many years of experience, on an educational as well as technical level, in the field of Experiential Outdoor Education. They all
worked with a wide range of target groups and all have experience running train-the-trainer programs.
EBTA-Exponent uses ERATA qualified riggers and in house trained local members of the community where construction work takes place as well as   free-lance
workers with previous experience in ropes course building.
Assistance and advise is also requested if needed from our contact person Luk Peeters, Executive Director of Exponent Challenge Services, in Europe.
For more information on the EBTA-Exponent ropes course services,what it can offer or the possibilities of ropes courses as an edu¬cational- and
training tool, please feel free to contact us on:
EBTA-Exponent challenge course operations 
Po Box 30329
South Africa
Tel: 012 332 2027
Cell: 082 8089714
Fax: 086 601 3034
E-mail: contact@ebta.co.za
Contact person Exponent Europe
Luk Peeters
Exponent Challenge Services
Putstraat 62
3220 Holsbeek, BELGIUM
tel and fax: +32.16.621193
BE 0866 009 763
Ropes course build by EBTA-Exponent  
Ropes course build by  Exponent Europe