EBTA cc is a behaviour change consulting company, using experience
based training  to  change  any industry specific critical behaviour to the 
benefit of the individual and the team and the company.
March 2009
NuCOAL Ltd. to benefit from EBTA’s Experience Based Safety® process.
The first member of the coal production industry has shown their interest in the most effective Experience Based Safety (EBS®) process to boost their safety
performance. EBTA will develop a process with them for them to suite the specific needs in the coal mining industry. All the personnel at the NuCoal
Woestalleen plant will be participating in this process. The process is planned to start with a management buy-in intervention, where after the labour force will
participation in the EBS® training intervention.
The EBS® process will start with a learning tour of EBTA personnel at NuCOAL. The goal of this learning tour is to get a full understanding of the processes at
NuCOAL. EBTA can then customise the process with specially selected activities in the EBS® training program. The facilitation of the review of each EBS®
activity can also be adjusted to generate the specific outcomes that enhance the safety behaviour in the workplace.
EBTA has secured the use of a suitable site close to Middlelburg on the Highveld. Botshabelo is perfect for use in this intervention because of its location and
the environment that is conducive for learning and retention of a changed behaviour. EBTA will introduce a series of new activities at the site, which may
become available for use by other companies interested in engaging in the EBS® process. The surrounding coal mining industries and power plants and the
stainless steel industries may also benefit from the accessibility to these facilities.
The coal mining industry is different to the safety behaviour process that EBTA has done in the platinum mining industry. This opportunity to work with a coal
mine will provide EBTA with new knowledge and experience to customise the EBS process to this industry. It is envisaged for the other mines and industries to
follow the trendsetting example of NuCOAL soon.
EBTA welcomes this opportunity to become involved in safety behaviour in the coal mining industry and on the Highveld specifically.