Experience Based Training
The roots of EBTA are in the development and facilitation of experiential learning driven programs. The methodology of experiential learning is known to be
used in the structured team building industry. EBTA uses the methodology of experiential learning in behaviour change programs other than team building.
EBTA has developed a Safety Change program, Experience Based Safety® (EBS®). The specific behaviour of safety is the major outcome of each of the
activities in the EBS® program. The activities are specially selected and customised to generate EXPERIENCES / RECALLS that triggers the correct safety
behaviour when the participant in the intervention is back in the workplace. In the Culture Sustainment Process® that EBTA introduces after the Experience
Based Training, the individual is also stimulated to generate safe behaviour experiences, which also become RECALLS for future behavioural motivation.
Contact EBTA now to customise an Experience Based Training program for your specific industry.
Industry specific critical behaviour
EBTA originates from the structured Team Building industry. When approaching mining companies, the reaction was “No more team building, please. Help us
with something to change the safety behaviour at our mine...” This was EBTA’s introduction to Industry Specific Critical Behaviour.
Like SAFETY in the mining industry, each other industry has its Specific Critical Behaviour. E.g. ALERTNESS in the security service industry; SAFETY in the
nursing/hospital industry; CARING in the metro policing industry; Etc. The critical behaviour is the result of industry specific triggers for that behaviour. The
reaction on the triggers can be correct or incorrect behaviour, with resulting consequences. E.g. A nurse in the hospital hears the service bell of a patient
ringing. The correct/SAFE reaction is to tend to the patient immediately and possibly save a life. The incorrect/UNSAFE behaviour is to finish some
administration and later forget about the service call, with possible devastating consequences.
What is the Industry Specific Critical Behaviour for your industry? Contact EBTA now to help you change the Specific Critical Behaviour in your industry.
Experiential learning
Experiential learning or Development training is based on the well known Kolb’s cycle:
EBTA has experience to use the method of Experiential learning to customise an activity driven program with behaviour change outcomes for your specific
industry. Contact EBTA now to help you change the behaviour in your organisation with an Experience Based Training program.
EBTA cc is a behaviour change consulting company, using experience
based training  to  change  any industry specific critical behaviour to the 
benefit of the individual and the team and the company.