EBTA Clients
NORTHAM PLATINUM Ltd. - EBTA has successfully completed Experience Based Safety training for underground workers and is still busy with Culture
Based Safety training for all management levels. The Safety Culture Sustainment process is being phased in as training progress. The early results show a
decrease in safety related incidents of 59% and an increase of accident free days from an average of 5 days to best results of 17 days. For enquiries on the
success of the process you are welcome to contact the General Manager, Danny Gonsalves on 082 611 6680 or Danny.Gonsalves@norplats.co.za or Abie
Otto at Abie.Otto@norplats.co.za
NUCOAL WOESTALLEEN COLLIERY – EBTA is busy customising a safety behaviour change process with them for them. For comments on their expected
results you are welcome to contact Marie van Greunen on 072 846 1008 or marie@woestalleen.co.za .
Our success in the mining industry can be repeated in any other industry with the policy of developing a process with you for you.
Contact EBTA now to customise an Experience Based Training program for your specific industry.
EBTA cc is a behaviour change consulting company, using experience
based training  to  change  any industry specific critical behaviour to the 
benefit of the individual and the team and the company.