EBTA is in process of accreditation as a training service provider company. We believe that it is to the advantage of our clients to provide quality services. The
quality of our service is not only in the paperwork of accreditation, bout more specifically in the passion and dedication of our service.
We pride ourselves in the living of our service slogan of client satisfaction with process development “with you for you”. The client’s satisfaction is our barometer
of success.
We will update our accreditation status as soon as the accreditation process is completed.
EBTA was consulted by the world wide expert in review techniques, Dr Roger Greenaway, for advice on the most appropriate review techniques for each of the
EBS® activities used in the training process, to reinforce experience based behaviour learning. (www.reviewing.co.uk). The ropes course elements used in the
EBS® were designed by our own Lood Spies, who is a South African expert on ropes course design, with five high ropes courses under his hand in South Africa
and many more low ropes courses. The process is supported by your own mining expertise, while the process is developed “with you for you” by our team, who
are all qualified in experiential learning facilitation.
Dr. Rodger Greenaway with some EBS® facilitators and the EBTA TEAM during his consultation with EBTA:
EBTA cc is a behaviour change consulting company, using experience
based training  to  change  any industry specific critical behaviour to the 
benefit of the individual and the team and the company.